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About the HOCO System

There are two types of fat tissue. White fat tissue is stubborn hard to lose fat.  Alternatively, brown fat is used by the body to generate heat. The colder you become, the more brown fat disappears. Research has proved when white fat gets very cold it can turn into a kind of brown fat, which researchers have dubbed ‘beige’, and beige fat can burn away to generate heat.

Triggers flabby white fat converting to calorie burning beige fat.

Targets problem areas by increasing circulation & sweating.

Exercising for 30 minutes in a neoprene vest or belt creates roughly the same amount of perspiration as a 5-mile run. Your body doesn’t simply lose fluid whilst sweating; it rids itself of the toxins that prevent your body from losing stubborn fat. Metabolic rates increase 100% for every 50°F rise in temperature.

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