Hello Welcome to The HOCO System!  If you’ve been following us on any of our social media platforms or happen to catch our press release you know the HOCO System is a revolutionary system that is taking the fitness industry by storm! It is the only system on the market the utilizes both the thermal sauna fat burning method and the cryotherapy fat freezing method in one product!


We’ve decided to prove to the pubic what we’ve already known and documented through our research and give a select few of our customer a chance to try our product for free. We all know the biggest challenge most people have with new products is the lack of accountability. Consumers expect products to work like magic and if it doesn’t work in a couple of days we give up. So, to qualify for the free system you must follow the following rules and regulations.


    • You must use your product at least 3 times per week. (preferably more)

  • Document use of the product.

    • Use your phone or camera to take unedited before videos & pictures

    • Document every time you use the product. (quick work out vid)

    • You must use the thermal vest & ice components.


  • Take your measurements.

    • You don’t have to weigh yourself, but you must measure your waist before starting.



    • All selected participants will have 30 days to document their usage of the system.

    • Participants will be given an additional 48 hours to send in videos and images

      • You can also upload your images on your own social media platforms & tag us.


  • If participant fails to meet the guidelines for obtaining a free HOCO System, their chosen payment method will be charged the total amount of the system. If the chosen payment method is a debit card there will be a pending hold placed on the card for the full amount of the system which will be removed after the 30-day time period. 


**** This offer is not available for customer who have already purchased a system****

Please email us if interested and we will contact you with the next step in the process.  Keep in mind we are selecting a small amount of our customers to participate in this promotion and will not allow any more participants once all spots are filled no exceptions will be made. Thank you.